Women's Dark Navy Flexrs Long Sleeve Armorskin Base Shirt

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By adding our proprietary FlexRS™ low-profile stretch ripstop fabric with Teflon® water-resistant coating to the already-popular Women's ArmorSkin® Base Shirt, we've created the perfect uniform for comfort and breathability. Combine with FlexRS ArmorSkin XP for the best in outer carrier uniform systems.

  • Designed by women, the cut of the Women's FlexRS Long Sleeve ArmorSkin Base Shirt is made to fit your natural shape
  • FlexRS fabric blends the best of patrol and tactical uniforms - low-profile rugged stretch ripstop for durability, with water-resistant Teflon coating that performs like a BDU while looking like a patrol uniform
  • ArmorSkin Base Shirt is composed of abrasion-resistant anti-odor mesh from the chest on down for superb comfort
  • Looks like a regular uniform shirt when worn underneath FlexRS ArmorSkin XP
  • Comfortable cut allows for full range of motion

Color: Dark Navy