11th Mar 2022

Crescent Supply Work Boots

Work Boots Available at Crescent Supply


Boots offer support and safety on all terrains. Whether you work outdoors or at a construction site, a very important piece of equipment you will need is a sturdy work boot.

For a long time, work boots have been known for the safety that they offer. But nowadays, they offer much more. Many great workwear brands have added a more stylish and contemporary approach to their construction. Today, it is not uncommon to see those who drive a desk settled in for a full day in boots.

If you are looking for information, or you are planning to shop for boots, then this is for you.


As a shopper, you might be wondering what makes a good boot. There are some key things to look out for when you are looking for a good boot. They include:

Comfort: An important factor to consider when selecting a work boot is comfort; after all, you will be putting the boots on day-in and day-out for a long period. It is advisable to look for a pair of boots with added arch support and a structured heel.

Size: It is important to consider the size when picking work boots. Pay attention to the size of your legs and ankles to find a flattering size. If you are someone with wider calves, go for boots specifically made for wide calves. You sure don't want your toe smashed against the end of your boot, but you also don't want to start with your boot being a little snug. Boots stretch, so if you buy them loose, they will only loosen further.

Protection: When choosing your work boots, making sure they protect you from the elements is key. A lot of high-quality boots will have both inner and outer lining to offer you a bit more protection.

Style: You may take an interest in the classic American style of a work boot, but the more modern interpretations generally lend themselves well to the safety side of things. If you are a desk-jockey that is looking to up your style game, it is difficult to go past the mock-toe design.


Different types of work boots serve different purposes and will fit perfectly for different situations.

Steel Toe Boots

Steel toe boots are the most popular safety footwear. Steel toe work boots refer to boots that possess a strong capping on the tip, usually made of metal or non-metal solid materials. They are multipurpose, easy to wear, and are also durable for most workplaces. Men's Steel toe work boots are the best options for you, whether you are a worker at a construction site or an iron and steel factory. As the name of the work boots suggests, their purpose is to safeguard the tip of the feet from injury upon collision or from falling objects.

There are different types of Steel toe boots available for men and women. Click on the links below to get started with shopping for steel-toe boots for both men and women.

Men's Boots

Women's Boots

Waterproof Work Boots

Waterproof safety boots are tailored to the needs of those that work outdoors. They provide protection through a variety of complaint safety ratings with the addition of an exterior that is waterproof. The waterproof protection helps keep your feet dry and warm all day with ease. They are available in a range of brands, styles, and colors to suit the needs of both men and women.

Click on the links below to get started with your shopping for waterproof work boots for both men and women.

Men's Boots

Women's Boots

Lightweight Work Boots

Most construction workers will agree that although it is important to stay fully protected during the workday, it is always a relief to come home after hours of standing up to finally take off their hefty boots. For those that have been going through this, what you need is a comfortable work boot. Lightweight work boots enlighten your work and keep you safe at the same time.

All vital elements in a lightweight work boot, from the protective toe to the outsole, midsole, upper material, lacing hardware, linings, insoles, and others, contribute to its final weight. While all of these can be various materials, the toe, midsole, and outsole materials are what usually determine the weight of a lightweight boot.

In order to have a lightweight work boot, a composite toe cap is key. Lightweight work boots do not use metal to safeguard the foot from impact; instead, it uses composite materials such as plastic, Kevlar, or super lightweight carbon fiber in order to fulfill the ANSI/ASTM safety requirements.

Due to composite being completely metal-free, it obviously makes work boots not only lightweight but also more comfortable in comparison to a steel toe.

Click on the links below to get started with your shopping for a lightweight work boot for both men and women.

Men's Boots

Women's Boots

When choosing your work boots, be sure to take your time to pick the type that will best suit your occupation.