Why Alterations Are Important For Your Uniform

13th Jan 2022

Why Alterations Are Important For Your Uniform

Why Alterations Are Important For Your Uniform

Not a lot of people talk about this but, altering your uniforms could be one of the most essential things to keep in mind. Getting your uniforms altered is something more than buying new ones off the rack for sure. Even though the effort is a little more, from looking for a reliable tailor, making two or more trips to the shop to drop off the clothes and to pick them up and also to try them each time, alterations can be worth this effort.

Many of us have had the experience of buying a new dress, shirt, jacket, or more importantly a uniform, only to find that it doesn’t fit quite right. The best option for many people is to take their uniforms back to the store where they bought them and ask if they can be altered by an in-store tailor, but that isn’t always the best thing to do, some stores are not willing to do alterations or charge too much money for these services which is always a bummer.

Approaching tailors could often offer more affordable rates than going through a store’s alterations department. But what are the costs and benefits? If you are a regular at buying off-the-rack clothing, you know very well that it is quite difficult for readymade garments to perfectly fit, even somebody with a great physique. That’s because clothes and uniforms are usually designed to use standard types and sizes.

Hence, it’s super important to get clothes and uniforms altered according to one’s measurements. Having your readymade apparel altered by a professional tailor will allow you to reap a vast range of benefits. You will definitely save money, while also being able to use old garments that you assumed won’t fit ever again and stored away inside the closet. Here are some reasons why you should definitely get your uniforms altered.

New Clothes That Don’t Fit

When you get new uniforms or clothes, especially when the garments are expensive and you intend to wear them for a long time, it’s best to get those alterations done. Alterations allow you to the ideal fit in your clothing, while also ensuring that your clothing will be a good fit for you in the years to come. Alterations will allow you to continue to wear your uniforms and clothing that cost you quite a bit, even if your measurements are fluctuating or your body is changing.

Change For Comfort

I’m sure you want to make your uniform as comfortable as possible right? After all, you have to wear it the entire day. Alterations can enable you to get more wear out of your favorite garments and this definitely includes uniforms as well. Alterations also allow you to change the fit of uniforms and your favorite clothing to your individual specifications over time.

Alterations Can Change What You See in the Mirror

A perfect fit can get you a long way and having your clothes and uniforms altered can actually change your own reflection! Just a few strategic alterations can make you look slimmer, taller, fitter, trimmer, and more stylish.

Once you start wearing clothes that have been altered to sit on your frame ideally, the way you see yourself in mirrors will change significantly. Just some careful and skillful trimmings and fittings here & there, and you will appear slimmer, taller, stylish and trimmer in the outfits you wear. In turn, your improved looks would give a boost to your self-confidence.

Alteration Improves Your Presentation

The New York Times recently ran an editorial reviewing how clothing alters the perceptions of both the wearer and others. The conclusion was that the clothing is chosen, the fit, and the accessories all impact confidence. This is one of the major benefits of having your clothing altered and this definitely

goes for uniforms as well. As per the opinion of several major fashion editorials and mags, the type of apparel worn by a person changes the perception of onlookers as well as their own. As altered clothing fits the body of an individual ideally, it increases the self-esteem of him or her to a great extent. In addition to that, it also helps them in making a great impression on others.

Improving Old Clothes And Uniforms

You can put your old clothes and uniforms to good use. It is not only the size that altering services can adjust, your favorite clothes and uniforms have a new life with simple alterations. Make your favorite duty pants into capris by shorting the legs. Add a slit to your well-loved uniform skirt for a new flare. Turn your beloved old service uniforms that are worn in the knees into your new favorite summer shorts. No one would even notice that you had these uniforms altered, and guess what, you’ll have a new range of clothing to wear and enjoy.

This common benefit of clothing alterations, that you can modify your old clothes and wear them once again, is an incredibly great asset to have. For example, if you had an old retro-style service coat some years ago but it seemed too big for you, now is the time to bring out that thing and alter it. I’m telling you it’ll work wonders!

Your Body Changes

As your body changes, you can alter your clothes and uniforms to fit better instead of buying a whole new set. Bodies change as our exercise routines vary, our diets change and the years go by. Save the environment, your time, and your money by altering clothes and uniforms to fit better instead of buying new garments. Buying new clothing that is comfortable and fits properly is time-consuming and bad for the Earth. A few simple alterations can have you fitting perfectly without the need to leave the comfort of your home.

Changing styles

Now this one is an extension of our previous point about improving old uniforms and clothes. Fashion style changes every year and clothes, that still have plenty of life left in them, end up lying in the back of the closet only because they look outdated. And this is where you need alterations. Even simple changes such as raising a hemline or removing a pair of oversized shoulder pads, replacing the buttons, can bring them up to date. It can give them a modern style and a fresh look and you can even use your old uniforms as casual wear.

Saves Money

We’ve already spoken about this one before, but it’s probably the most important one of the lot. One of the best perks of getting off-the-rack clothes altered is that it helps to save a lot of money spent on buying a new set. When you start bringing out old garments from the wardrobe and have them fitted as per your requirements, it eliminates the need to purchase extra garments, thus saving cash there too. In short, the alteration can stop the impulse buying of dresses.

Take advantage of exclusive offers

So this one is a little more about regular clothing than uniforms, but they still count. On occasion, you might come across a genuinely great bargain on a sale rack or in a thrift store, but it simply does not suit you. Instead of giving up the bargain, you may carry it to a tailor and get it changed to suit. Also after alterations, the expense is always smaller than paying retail if the price is low enough. You’ll always end up saving money this way!

And that’s our list. I hope these methods help you out when you need them the most. It’s always better to get something tailor-fitted than to run around from store to store, looking for the perfect fit. 

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