Hawk Lapel Micro With Qr Adapt Spd

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The HAWK lapel microphone is quickly becoming an industry standard for law enforcement. It is lightweight, easy to conceal and best of all, the whole unit is essentially on one cable.

The unidirectional microphone easily attaches to the user's garment by way of a metal rotating clothing clip. The microphone is sensitive to a whisper so there is no need to turn your head into your shoulder to communicate.

Now with the addition of the Easy-Connect feature the user can remove the unit from the radio and still leave the adapter on the radio. This allows the user to remove the radio from the body without having to remove the entire unit from under their clothes. And remember with a Easy-Connect adapter attached to your radio, it will function in its normal manner.


  • Dual Switch Push-To-Talk button and is sensitive to a whisper
  • Directional, discreet and durable lapel microphone with a surveillance style "clear" tube earphone
  • Easy-Connect Alignment at the radio adapter
  • Highly concealable and lightweight
  • Polyurethane jacketed, Kevlar coated cables for extended life in the field
  • Open ended rubber ear-mold for extra comfort after long hours of wear

Package Includes:

  • Radio adapter (multi-pin)
  • Directional microphone (whisper sensitive)
  • Low profile earpiece (clear tube)
  • Two Ultra Fin (right and left)
  • Detachable speaker (field repairable)
  • Polyurethane cable (Kevlar coated)

Color: Balck