Stinger Attachment Leg Holster

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Having been issued the MK-9/90 OC dispenser, you now have to crowd it onto your belt. How about dropping it to your thigh to keep the belt real estate from overlapping? Adjustable Cannister case they make a taller can, adjustable ride height and can be set up for either side. Just split the velcro where the strap crosses the pouch, remove it and replace with the buckle on the other side. Shown w/ optional CD-02 Stinger or CD-06 Pelican light holder. (Securely Velcros in place behind main basket.)


  • Fits Stinger flashlight and MK9 personal defense spray
  • Material: Ballistic nylon
  • Adjustable straps provide comfortable custom fit
  • Top snap closures for security
  • Closure design leaves MK9 grip exposed for immediate readiness

Color: Black